My average day: living with Ehlers Danlos and its little friends act 2

The good, the bad, and the ugly (oh, and it was ugly…)

Some background story to this day:  at around 3am I tried to go to sleep. I usually have problems sleeping so like the idiot I often am (as far as my health is concerned) I sometimes drink an alcoholic beverage to help me off into dream-land. I nursed one drink over a period of four hours and then finally went to bed at 3am. I got home from work at 11pm, so the 3am is not as bad as it sounds!

So my day officially started at 6am, when my alarm went off to take my meds. I got up and was instantly light-headed and nauseous. I quickly realized that the whole “being vertical” thing was not going to work for any extended period of time, including what little time it took to find my meds and take them. This happened with my finding the bottle, dropping the pill, leaning over and puttying my head between my legs to gain enough time to find the pill before fainting, find the pill, take it and then fall back into bed. I woke up again at 8am feeling much more nauseous and headed to the bathroom (Yay! I had at least dropped the whole light-headed business!) in order to spend the next half hour or so hugging the toilet throwing up. Now, I get that this is probably my body’s equilibrium being totally thrown off by the ONE alcoholic drink I had over a four hour time period, FIVE hours prior to the throwing up incidence, but it seems a little extreme. All this to say… my body gets grumpy. Soooo after the bout of throwing up, I went back to bed (Thank God my first class was at 1pm. I got to…attempt…to sleep in!). My alarm went off for a second time at 12pm and I hit the snooze, but quickly realized that the snooze was not a good idea so back off to the bathroom I went! This time, however, it was the other end that was grumpy (I had promised the ugly remember?). So I spent the next twenty minutes on the toilet having an attack of diarrhea only to find out that the there was more blood than anything else in the toilet bowl…seriously, the water was pink with deep red on the bottom. This whole blood in bowel movements is not a new thing for me, but this time had a LOT of blood. I probably should eventually make that GI call and go through with the colonoscopy, but I’m a chicken. 

Twenty minutes on the toilet gave me a lot of time to flirt with the idea of skipping class or not. I even went as far as to open my email and start composing a “Hi, I’m sick..” message to my professor before deciding that going to class was probably in my best interest, at least as far as my neuroses about my grades are concerned. So I trudged off to class and sat in the class feeling half-dead while I semi-listened to what was going on. After class I went off to my research lab and did some of the dishes (ie. autoclaving beakers and flasks) then went off to lunch with my lab-partner with a brief stint in the college book store. I laid on the floor in the book store while my lab-partner tucked a college teddy-bear in my arms. I don’t think he knows what to do with me half the time when I’m sick. I mean, technically I’m always sick but it does go through periods where it’s worse than normal and I’m not as capable of hiding it. 

So now, I’m back at home feeling entirely spent and exhausted. Lately things have been rather grumpy for me (LOTS and LOTS of pain). At least for the most part though, you wouldn’t have been able to tell I was feeling so sick 😀 I still act and look completely normal and healthy. 


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