Best laid plans: I am a mouse

So I was desperate to avoid the whole doctor and test thing for at least a little while (read: a month! That’s all I wanted! Was it seriously too much to ask!?), but eventually I get to the point where I get symptoms that I just can’t ignore anymore.

If you’ve been reading my previous posts, you’ll know that apparently a toilet bowl full of blood doesn’t quite reach that limit. I can still explain that away as something relatively benign: “Oh, it was just a hemorrhoid, no big deal.” Last night however, I experienced SEVERE stomach pain which radiated into my chest and over my shoulders. Those two incidences alone might not have had me concerned enough to see a doctor (Yes, I know I’m a horrible patient), but even I couldn’t blow them off as two independent occurrences that have nothing to do with each other and probably don’t mean anything serious. So off to the walk-in clinic I went! I was hoping for a “You’re not going to die from bleeding out into your intestine, but yeah, make that GI appointment sooner rather than later.” Instead I got “Things don’t look quite right. Colonoscopy and endoscopy time!” Also, apparently she didn’t feel any hemorrhoids. There goes my easy benign little reason for the blood.

Well, that ends my break from docs and tests. I had a good two weeks right? Now, in the next two weeks (should I be worried that she’s trying to set them up within a two week time period? I would have thought a longer wait..) I have something else to look forward to instead! Yay!  


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