More Nudes

Here’s a picture of my cervical spine (the one without the “Near Perfect” box in the upper left corner). I have cervical straightening with some kyphosis and narrowing of some of the disc spaces. Also somewhere in there are two extra ribs on my C7. I have no idea where though. I probably shouldn’t be a radiologist. In contrast to my neck is the “Near Perfect” one which shows how a cervical spine is supposed to look. I’m not jealous…honest…

I was surprised by my xrays when I finally saw the results. I was always told that with EDS our issues don’t show up most of the time on tests or xrays. Normally when we do do damage, it’s to the soft tissue and that’s only visible with CT or MRI. I hadn’t considered at that point that EDS could also cause the spine to become misaligned, not just the joints. I have also recently been diagnosed with scoliosis. My spine is a tad confused. Poor thing. 


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