The “Law of Medical Tests”

Disclaimer: This law may only pertain to me… clue me in as to whether others experience this please!

According to this law, I will have an xxx number of medical tests that will come back normal until I reach a critical limit and get an abnormal result back. What makes this particularly unusual is that the abnormal results can be completely random. For example, I just had a series of blood tests ordered by my nephrologist. I got back 5 normal results (Yay! I don’t have Hepatitis!) and therefore earned an abnormal result. I wasn’t really expecting anything to be abnormal. I knew I didn’t have hepatitis (2 of the tests ordered), I didn’t think I had vasculitis (2 more of the tests), and I thought my complement was fine (another 2 more of the tests). Turns out I was partially right on that last part. This is where the law stepped in. My C3 is just dandy. My C4, however, is a bit low. I have NO idea why this would be. I have NO idea what it means. I was NOT expecting it. And that’s how the law goes… it happens whether I’m expecting it or not. So now I have a test result saying that there’s something funky going on with my immune system. I’m really curious what this will mean for my next appointment. I am slightly worried that this may lead to a kidney biopsy in my future.

So now I’m seriously considering asking for a CBC with every series of tests or a CPK. Something that I know will come back slightly abnormal and will fulfill the “Law of Medical Tests” requirement without adding anything new and random to consider. I don’t think it matters what is abnormal as long as something is. 


2 thoughts on “The “Law of Medical Tests”

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