Play The Spoon Theory Demonstration

Play The Spoon Theory Demonstration!

The Spoon Theory Demonstration is designed to be a short and simple text-based role playing game/demonstration for people who are not disabled to get a small glimpse into the life of a person living with a chronic illness. The game shouldn’t take more than five minutes. Feel free to play around, start over, and choose different options. For an explanation of the Spoon Theory, please go to the FAQ page.

When you play this demonstration, please remember that this is not fiction! Disabled people face these situations on a daily basis. It’s important to remember everyone’s situation varies and not all people will experience any or all of these, but at the same time, these stories are examples of real-life experiences.

Context: This is an example of life as a chronically disabled college student. This situation can easily be applied to someone with a career, or other life situation. This game is a brief example of one day. A person who is chronically disabled only has a limited amount of expendable energy each day. The spoon theory uses a metaphor of spoons to turn energy into a measurable concept. For the sake of simplicity, you will start your day with 20 spoons, or 20 measures of energy. Depending on the tasks you choose, the amount of spoons you have will go up or down.

Enter the demonstration!



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