Blood Sugar Crashes and Late Night Cravings

Something that I have struggled with for as long as I can remember is hypoglycemia. The problem with my having hypoglycemia, however, is that I cannot recognize the symptoms of the lowered blood sugar until it’s almost too late because of my also having dysautonomia. I have symptoms from the dysautonomia nearly every time I change positions on a daily basis. So normally I just assume that the reason I may be feeling poorly is because my blood pressure has dropped. So the first thing I do is drop to the ground with my head between my legs and wait for the the sick feeling to go away while hoping that I don’t faint. When it doesn’t go away I start to panic. It’s absolutely terrifying being on the edge of fainting, with your vision black, your arms and legs going numb, and feeling like you’re about to throw up, and having no idea how to fix it. So by the time I would figure out that it’s my blood sugar that’s the problem, it would almost be too late for me to fix it myself.

Seriously.. I’ve had my mother nearly spoon feed me ice cream at a Wendy’s Fast Food restaurant (although this is one excellent way to get FREE ICE CREAM).

Luckily by now I pretty much jump to “oh! Blood sugar!” right away if the solutions for a blood pressure drop don’t help. But it still comes on incredibly quickly and I’m not very capable when it does happen. I once tried to take my blood sugar with a monitor during one of these crashes and with shaking so badly and being so confused it was pretty much a comedy of errors.

Lately (or rather, for the past year or so) I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night with a strong craving for sweets resulting in my hunting down something sweet at 3am and eating it. I then conveniently forget it ever happened until I come across the evidence the next day: A jelly bean in my bed.. a candy wrapper on the floor… spilled skittles all over my desk… All of which I was ok with (assuming I never ever see an ant in my bed too) because it was an easy enough solution and I was trying to gain weight anyway. But about a week ago I reached my “Something’s gotta give” point.

I woke up and immediately felt that something was wrong. I was laying down but I felt numb, shaky, and nauseous so I figured out that it was my blood sugar within seconds of waking up and went to eat something. Unfortunately I promptly threw up what I ate. It took around two hours to get fully recovered and able to go back to sleep.

So yeah, I’m trying something new that will hopefully help me sleep through the whole night without any craving of sweets or throwing up.

It has carbs, sugars, AND protein. If this doesn't work I might cry... and then gorge myself on jelly beans.

It has carbs, sugars, AND protein. If this doesn’t work I might cry… and then gorge myself on jelly beans.

In other news… Going to the store and getting this, along with some other groceries, took enough effort to cause visibly bloody urine as well as muscle aches (by now I know that these signs mean that I also have an elevated CK level). It makes me incredibly frustrated to know that such a normal activity can overly tax my body during a time when I’m feeling better overall than I was about a year ago (I haven’t been to a doctor in TWO MONTHS!!). I guess I’ve sort of reached a lower level of “normal”.


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