How do you manage to not only get cut, but scar so easily?!? Seriously, the pant fabric wasn’t even ripped and I have a scar? Toughen up.

Dear Heart,

They say everyone marches to the beat of their own drum… That does NOT MEAN YOU!!! Stay in rhythm dude!!

Dear Joints,

Keep it together guys! Seriously.. you have one job. Just one. I know it’s not fully your fault. Misters Ligaments and Tendons can’t get their acts straight, but you gotta show them how it’s done Joints! Work on it. Please. Okay?

Dear Muscles,

You got this… you’re tough. There is absolutely no reason you should come crying to me every time you feel like you can’t handle something and my waking up with you hurting is not acceptable. How strenuous can sleeping really be?! Seriously. Stop with the hurting ok?

Dear Brain,

I know that Mr. Muscles is pissing you off (especially in the neck area)… I’m working on it. Just back the f*** off with your constant headaches ok? Got it? Good…

Dear GI Tract,

I don’t even know… I mean, do YOU even know what you’re doing? Kudos on not letting me get fat, but at least let me keep some of the weight ok?

Dear Kidneys,

Put the blood back into the bloodstream. You cannot keep it and It does not belong in urine.

That concludes our monthly meeting. You all  have your assignments now. Please work on them and do better…


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