Urologist: I would like a break now.

When last we met, I went to see a nephrologist, who so thoughtfully sent me to a urologist (Can you read the sarcasm in that? No? I guess I was too subtle).

Sarcasm aside…

The urologist took down my medical history: visible blood in urine 2-3 times a month for about a year now. Made worse when I’m sick or not feeling well. No kidney stones. No UTIs. His conclusion? “We need to rule out a bladder tumor.”

Bladder tumor? What? Huh? You get that I’m only 26 right?

“It would be rare in someone your age, but it’s still a possibility that we need to rule out.”

Well crap.

So he decided that I need a CT scan and a cystoscopy. The CT scan is supposed to check from my kidneys to my bladder to see if there is anything there that could be causing the bloody urine. I was hoping that the CT scan would get me out of a cystoscopy. But no such luck. I did the scan and get an email a day later saying that the scan was normal (Seriously, not even a kidney stone…) and that I needed the cystoscopy to fully evaluate my bladder for a tumor.

*wipes tears off keyboard and continues writing*

I am not looking forward to a cystoscopy… anything that involves shoving a camera up my urethra (or what I juvenilely refer to as”my pee hole”) is not a happy thing in my book. But, at this point, I just want to know what is causing the visible blood. I really do hope it’s not a tumor though.

In other chronic-illness-news… I have a colonoscopy tomorrow. Yay! Here’s to Scope Month! Joy!



10 thoughts on “Urologist: I would like a break now.

  1. I’ve had several cystoscopies, and they aren’t too bad. Just be prepared for some discomfort after the fact. If you have any pyridium (you can get it over the counter in the states – I’m in Canada, so I get it on eBay – I’m not sure where you’re located), take some after the procedure and it will help immensely. I’ve gone to work right after having them done, which I share only to give you some idea of how minimally invasive they are. I wish you all the best – you have so much going on!!

      • Thanks. I’m like you: lots of complicated medical problems. I read the other comment and she suggested that you probably shouldn’t think of working after and it made me think, most of the cystoscopies that I’ve had where I wasn’t put under (I’m only put under when they’re doing other things too), I had when I was a bit healthier than now. Now, I think my body wouldn’t bounce back as quickly. As the other commenter said, you know your body best, I just wanted to mak sure I was giving you more detailed information. It’s so hard to have a life when there are so many appointments to go to, but I don’t want to lead you astray and I think the other commenter had a point.

      • I keep expecting a crash and I’m a little surprised that it hasn’t happened yet. So maybe I will be lucky through this one too 🙂 I don’t have much of a choice unfortunately. I think I’ve missed too much as it is :-\

  2. I’ve had a cystoscopy. They can put you to sleep. (My insides are too small, which is one discovery they made, therefore they said it would have been too intense being awake.) Might sound odd, but check your urine when you pee. My stones are tiny but hurt like heck. I wouldn’t plan on going to work, but you know your body best. Hope there is no pain. ❤

    • I keep thinking that I should have stones because of the high calcium levels but the CT scan was clear for them and sometimes when I have the visible blood, I have NO pain. I wish I could take off for the day but I really can’t 😦 Bleck, I’m sorry that you have to deal with that!

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