Update: ER Trip

I’ve only gone to the ER once before in the past 10 years or so. I try to avoid going to the emergency room at all costs and it takes a lot for me to finally go. I went last night. 

Some background: I had a yoga class on Monday. I was scared to go to yoga, fearing that with all the funky things going on with my body of late I would crash hard. My latest symptoms, a little over a week ago (continuing the two week trend of experiencing new random horrible symptoms) was my vomiting old blood (I learned a new medical term: Coffee Ground Emesis! I think I would have been better off not having learned it). I didn’t know at the time what it was so I didn’t go to the ER then. Once I did learn I figured that since I have a GI appointment soon, I can get it taken care of then. But between that and my overall feeling like crap, I was worried. I managed to survive yoga without much trouble though! Yay! Go me!

It was the next day, Tuesday, where things started to go down hill. I was in so much incredible muscle pain that I was to the point of crying at work. It got so bad that I eventually broke down and took Aleve (a drug that I had stopped taking since the vomiting blood incidence). A lot of Aleve o.O (Not “OD” a lot, just a lot for me). That in itself didn’t send me to the ER. What finally convinced me was the brown urine. 

So off to the ER I went. The doctor checked me out. Confirming that I need a scope (colonoscopy and endoscopy…yippee…) but didn’t address them then since the GI appointment is now in only 5 days. He did do a urine analysis, a renal function test, and a creatine kinase check. I have a lot going on in my urine. On a scale that is measured with: trace, 1+, 2+, 3+ and 4+. I have hemoglobin (3+), protein (2+), ketones (trace), and bilirubin (1+) in my urine. I keep thinking that at least now I know the brown urine is “only” due to blood and then having to remind myself that that’s not good. So I think at some point I get to see a urologist. My CK levels were also increased which isn’t so cool, but I already have been tested for that (although, it was slightly terrifying when the doctor kept looking at my calf like a slab of meat and talking about a muscle biopsy…even after I said that I had a normal EMG). My renal function tests were good (Thank God!). Although, my anion gap was slightly increased and my carbon dioxide levels were low. 

So now at least I know when I have the brown urine, it is “just” blood. I’m not exactly sure if that’s good news or bad news though. Another thing for me to get taken care of I guess. 

In other news, I have a genetics appointment on Friday!! This is like a pilgrimage type thing for those of us with EDS haha. I’m hoping she can connect all the dots and maybe even supply some answers (like why I have blood in my urine, stool, and vomit!).